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Posted in Uncategorized with tags on April 18, 2008 by tunguyen08

I have found an example of corruption in a video from The name of the video is “Video canh sat giao thong bi to cao nhan tien.” The video is about an officer that stopped a local. In the video, can see that the officer takes a bill away from a person that violated the rules, this second Lieutenant immediately put this bill in the middle of his hand book. Then he carefully looks in front of him and behind, he opens the hand book, and then takes the bill put into his pocket. Today, I brought some printed pictures of that video as a visual aid. I think this is one of the main problems that citizens have to put up with.

Another example is given by the video “Công An Cướp Biểu Ngữ Của Dân Oan” on The local citizens are protesting and saying that someone is innocent. As they protest they draw the attention of officials and the second Lieutenant official takes away their poster and stops them from protesting. The man was put away due to corruption and they tried to protest, but in Vietnam’s people can’t speak their mind freely. I’m sick of the level of corruption in Vietnam; it’s rampant, uncontrollable and unavoidable. I’m angry but even sadder because the members of the government are eating away Vietnam little by little.