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Corruption in vietnam

Posted in Uncategorized on May 1, 2008 by tunguyen08

The topic of this movie is about the corruption in my birth country Vietnam. The most corruption I have researched and blogged throughout this movie was taking the place in Hanoi city. The main points in this movie are Vietnamese government they claim that they do everything for the people. They should be fighting for the rights of the people and fighting for the country, but instead officials are trying to bring in benefits for themselves and their families. The corruption that happens in the lower levels of the government is due to the corruption that happens in the high levels of government. This problem of corruption is causing economic disparity, and economic aid to be misplaced. In addition, Vietnamese citizens try to speak out against the government and the corruption in order to let the world know about the corruption that happens, but the government cracks down on them hard abusing their human rights. In this movie, I show several example of corruption in a video provided by Throughout this movie, I want the people of the world to know about the corruption that is taking place in Vietnam in the hope of bringing people together to solve this complex problem.