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Interesting Article 2

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This article is about the government in Vietnam detects 584 corruption cases in 2007.

In the year of 2007 discovered 584 cases of corruption with involvement of nearly 1300 people, which caused total losses of over 865 billion VSD (roughly 54.1 million USD). Most of the cases were detected through denouncements, inspection, auditing, and information provided by press agencies and people. The number of corruption cases being prosecuted in 2007 for the charges of abusing power while conducting official duty, and receiving bribes rose over 66% against 2006. I think to fight corruption, Vietnam has to striving to improve its legal systems and promote the life of public servants.


Lying has become an everyday habit

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The article is about the Government Inspectorate, completed its annual investigations in the country’s central, central highlands, western and southern regions, and to no one’s surprise, nobody found dust in his own home, although they found plenty elsewhere.

In the government system even thought they know that at the higher levels only detected corruption in lower levels. Provinces detected corruption in districts; districts did the same with communes. No one said they had found corruption in their own organization. Bui Ngoc Lam, Deputy Head of the Government Inspectorate, told the press. Apparently in the minds of many state officials, if there are problems, they must exist elsewhere.

I think this attitude has become pervasive in Vietnam’s. Prof. Nguyen Dinh Cu, the lead author of Vietnam’s first corruption survey. He said, there is corruption exists but it is not detected.