Corruption in vietnam

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The topic of this movie is about the corruption in my birth country Vietnam. The most corruption I have researched and blogged throughout this movie was taking the place in Hanoi city. The main points in this movie are Vietnamese government they claim that they do everything for the people. They should be fighting for the rights of the people and fighting for the country, but instead officials are trying to bring in benefits for themselves and their families. The corruption that happens in the lower levels of the government is due to the corruption that happens in the high levels of government. This problem of corruption is causing economic disparity, and economic aid to be misplaced. In addition, Vietnamese citizens try to speak out against the government and the corruption in order to let the world know about the corruption that happens, but the government cracks down on them hard abusing their human rights. In this movie, I show several example of corruption in a video provided by Throughout this movie, I want the people of the world to know about the corruption that is taking place in Vietnam in the hope of bringing people together to solve this complex problem.


THE WORLD: Roll over, Ho Chi Minh; Vietnam Moves from Clenched fists to greased Palms

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This article is about an increasingly corrupt city, and when government officials agree to be interviewed they often as not arrive for the meeting out of breath. I saw that the pretty corruption is not new anywhere in Vietnam. The Vietnamese will tell you that there have always been Communist Party officials willing to do favors, such as fix a street, find a job, and help a neighbor’s child into college. They do that for a small bribe. This threat now is big money corruption. It has been a problem for years in the south, in part because there is so much more money, in part because of the culture of corruption left by a succession of South Vietnamese governments. They acknowledge that the government has opened corruption investigations on thousands o officials annually and that, since the early 1980’s, nearly 20000 state employees have been jailed or disciplined for corruption. The government investigators say that companies run by the Energy Ministry submitted falsified invoices to the Government for 4000 tons of steel for the project but delivered only 2000 tons. At least $300,000 is said to be missing. Do Duc Dinh, an economist with Hanoi’s Institute on World Economies, said the corruption problem is now so serious that, by warping the government’s decision-making process, it could undermine the free-market reforms that are promising to bring Vietnam billions of dollars in foreign investment. I think, everywhere there is examples corruption. For example; if you want to have a phone installed, and you put your name on the official list, you’ll have to wait for several months, but you want the phone now, you can have it if you pay $200,000 VND.

Interesting article!

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I have found an example of corruption in a video from The name of the video is “Video canh sat giao thong bi to cao nhan tien.” The video is about an officer that stopped a local. In the video, can see that the officer takes a bill away from a person that violated the rules, this second Lieutenant immediately put this bill in the middle of his hand book. Then he carefully looks in front of him and behind, he opens the hand book, and then takes the bill put into his pocket. Today, I brought some printed pictures of that video as a visual aid. I think this is one of the main problems that citizens have to put up with.

Another example is given by the video “Công An Cướp Biểu Ngữ Của Dân Oan” on The local citizens are protesting and saying that someone is innocent. As they protest they draw the attention of officials and the second Lieutenant official takes away their poster and stops them from protesting. The man was put away due to corruption and they tried to protest, but in Vietnam’s people can’t speak their mind freely. I’m sick of the level of corruption in Vietnam; it’s rampant, uncontrollable and unavoidable. I’m angry but even sadder because the members of the government are eating away Vietnam little by little.

dogged by corruption

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This article is about the Vietnam’s economy on the upswing, dogged by corruption.

Do Trong Ngoan, a lawmaker from Bac Giang province, raised the issue of who should be held accountable when the government is involved in corruption cases and how the government should deal with it. They found the way to fight for social justice as well as prevent and resist corruption by members of the government. They will stop officials from buying and selling public land, the National Assembly suggested for instance that there should be stricter enforcement of laws against violators. National Assembly Speaker Nguyen Phu Trong said “in the future the National Assembly plans greater scrutiny of government activities as they affect the people”.  

I’m sick of the level of corruption in Vietnam; it’s rampant, uncontrollable and unavoidable. I’m angry but even sadder because the members of the government eating away Vietnam little by little.


Interesting Article 2

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This article is about the government in Vietnam detects 584 corruption cases in 2007.

In the year of 2007 discovered 584 cases of corruption with involvement of nearly 1300 people, which caused total losses of over 865 billion VSD (roughly 54.1 million USD). Most of the cases were detected through denouncements, inspection, auditing, and information provided by press agencies and people. The number of corruption cases being prosecuted in 2007 for the charges of abusing power while conducting official duty, and receiving bribes rose over 66% against 2006. I think to fight corruption, Vietnam has to striving to improve its legal systems and promote the life of public servants.

Lying has become an everyday habit

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The article is about the Government Inspectorate, completed its annual investigations in the country’s central, central highlands, western and southern regions, and to no one’s surprise, nobody found dust in his own home, although they found plenty elsewhere.

In the government system even thought they know that at the higher levels only detected corruption in lower levels. Provinces detected corruption in districts; districts did the same with communes. No one said they had found corruption in their own organization. Bui Ngoc Lam, Deputy Head of the Government Inspectorate, told the press. Apparently in the minds of many state officials, if there are problems, they must exist elsewhere.

I think this attitude has become pervasive in Vietnam’s. Prof. Nguyen Dinh Cu, the lead author of Vietnam’s first corruption survey. He said, there is corruption exists but it is not detected.


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Corruption is said to be an act done with intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others. It includes bribery, but is more comprehensive; because an act may be corruptly done, though the advantage to be derived from it be not offered by another. Corruption has been around for a very long time and will be around in the future unless governments can figure out effective ways to combat it. This is not going to be easy, since much public corruption can be traced to government intervention in the economy, policies aimed at liberalization, stabilization, deregulation, and privatization can sharply reduce the opportunities for rent-seeking behavior and corruption. Where government regulations are pervasive, however, and government officials have discretion in applying them, individuals are often willing to offer bribes to officials to circument the rules and, sad to relate, officials are occasionally tempted to accept these bribes.

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